" Baby you a song You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise "


"Over the past year, Florida Georgia Line has cherished the good times seeing their QUADRUPLE PLATINUM debut single “Cruise” dominate Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart at No. 1 for 19 straight weeks, the longest stretch for any song in the past 50 years…”

Gah LOVE them <3333

After watching the new FGL inside the line video, my mood has now gone from crying my eyes out, to being extremely happy. Dammit FGL, you never cease to make this girl smile like crazy <3 thank you. I really needed to cheer up tonight. I love FGL so much, always will <3

Crying because a friend of mine is gonna buy me FGL tickets. Oh my gosh. <3


Tonight is one of those nights where I just really need to blast some Florida Georgia Line and zone out and forget about the stupid world.

Starting now.


No, baby you’re a song.


can I just go ahead and marry Tyler Hubbard and be done with everything else in life please